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What are the things you take into account while buying a perfume? It differs according to your economic, social and personal backgrounds. Your preference can also be inspired by the cultural influence or the present fashion trends or even maybe because of the persuasion by your close buddy. In essence, several factors have a say about your choice of perfume. 

All the same, there’s one aspect that’s more important than all the factors mentioned: the fragrance. Excellent smells are part of tradition, culture and they go beyond any boundaries built by any mental and physical force. Great fragrances spread like anything. It spread into our heart. At Albait Aldimashqi, we deliver the best copies of branded perfumes at the lowest price available in Muscat and all other places in the Sultanate of Oman.

Why Copies of Branded Perfumes?

Why Copies of Branded Perfumes?

When you buy a popular branded product, it takes you into a tribe of similar features and tastes. You become a part of a big community that shares some common values and preferences among themselves. You feel important for being in a large community and jump on every opportunity to advocate or defend the brand you chose. That’s human nature. When you buy a branded perfumes, it’s the same situation. However, unlike other products, you have a tremendous advantage if you buy a copy of a branded perfume. You’ll make the same impact without paying through your nose.

But make sure to check properly the quality of the perfume even if you buy copied products. There are many gradations in copies items. You can get the worst and best in the market. And as for branded perfumes, it would be highly difficult to find the best ones. That’s the main reason you have to trust an expert like Albait Aldimashqi for the high-quality copies of branded perfumes. Because for a long time, we’ve been in the manufacturing and delivery of perfumes. In our state-of-the-art labs, we carry out experiments constantly to improve the quality and endurance of the fragrances.

Purchase online today by selecting your favorite perfume from the huge list of perfumes on our website. They’re available at the lowest cost if you’re residing in Muscat or any other part of Oman. And try them to realize how truthful we’re in our promise: ie. We provide the best smells just as you can experience from branded perfumes.

Why They are Available at the Lowest Price?

Why They are Available at the Lowest Price?

The praise goes to our team, comprising expert perfumers to the delivery staff. Working in exceptional team spirit, they make it possible to sell the copies of branded perfumes at an extremely lower price. Another key feature of our production is the usage of cheaper resources along with the innovative way of creating maximum output with less raw materials. We keep up the discipline throughout the composing and shipping process. And the no-wastage policy we implemented in our factory substantially helps us to reduce the price of the perfumes. 

Standing by our principle of providing the best quality copies of branded perfumes in the best prices in Muscat and other provinces of Oman, we always explore better ways to reduce the cost of our perfumes. Of course, quality and price matter the most for our customers and for us too.

What are the Categories in our Perfume Offerings?

What are the Categories in our Perfume Offerings?

There are four main categories;

There are four main categories; Men Perfumes, Women Perfumes, Special Perfumes, and VIP Perfumes. And we have different segments for body sprays, oils and so forth. All the products we sell are of the copies of premium brands that enjoy great reputations in the promising global perfume marketplace.

In the Men’s Perfume category, you can find a plethora of branded perfumes with the price attached to them. If you compare them with the copied products of the brand, you’re in for a big surprise. The cost of our copied version is unbelievably reduced price. If you’re a fashion enthusiast or a lover of outstanding fragrances and wish to avoid a huge amount of money, here is where you find your ideal destination.

Our Men Perfumes Collection

As for women, perfumes represent several things. It’s part and parcel of their beauty routine, self-esteem, confidence and sex appeal. Premium brands are competing to introduce new perfumes focused on ladies all the time. Have a look at a brand of perfume, you can find numerous fragrances in the form of floral, organic plants and so on. All these varieties you can come across on our website. Choose the ones you like the most and get it delivered shortly anywhere in Muscat or in the sultanate of Oman.

Our Women Perfumes Collection

Special Perfumes are selected according to their unique features. They’re extremely popular and highly-priced so that an ordinary person getting a chance to enjoy that fragrance would be remote. As we always stress, we want to make all fragrances affordable to all. If you don’t have any cringe-worthy feeling when you hear the word ‘copy’, check out our website today. Choose the one whose fragrance has hold your breath and that you wished to have. Place the order, receive it shortly and enjoy and make others enjoy the smell that smells like the branded perfume. Decide to purchase today and you won’t forget about it. We promise.

And as for our VIP perfumes, they are not meant for VIPs. The copies of branded perfumes in this category are meant for all those appreciate extraordinary smells. But stay away from these marvels of fragrance because of the exorbitant price. When we manufacture these expensive and unique perfumes, only one motto that drives us to create the best copy is to make them reasonably accessible to people from all walks of life. Purchase online today the VIP branded perfumes from our site and relish the feeling of being a VIP.

Our VIP Perfumes Collection


41.00 OMR  


36.00 OMR  

How Can You Purchase our Perfumes?

How Can You Purchase our Perfumes?

We provide our perfumes anywhere in Muscat and any other provinces in Oman. You can purchase online by using your credit or debit card. Or you can take advantage of our Cash on Delivery option. It’s just a few clicks away to enjoy the copies of your beloved brands at the cheapest price. Welcome to Albait Aldimashqi, the one-stop store for cheaper yet best-copied perfumes in Muscat, Oman.

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